The Process

This page is being put together to better explain the process of what it is I do for my etsy clients. First and foremost, please understand my priorities. While I am very committed to my clients there are quite a few things that come first like, God, my children, my pregnancy, and my family. I try to keep a regular work schedule since working from home can be very tricky when it comes to balancing and juggling the every day things. This means that I try not to work on the weekends. I get most of my computer work done between the hours of 7am and noon, Monday through Friday. If you place an order with me between Thursday evening and Sunday evening, chances are you won’t hear from me until Monday morning. All orders are handled in the order they are received.

Here is the process of buying and receiving a custom graphic from Angela Morgan Designs. We’ll use a custom banner as an example.

  1. Choose the listing that best suits your needs and add it to your cart.
  2. Follow through with the purchase by sending payment via PayPal immediately via RME by sending me a convo.
  3. Send any helpful information about your graphic needs via convo or email. Including color preferences, styles, shop name, tag line, font choices, etc. The more information you send, the smoother the process will go.
  4. Within 48 business hours you will hear from me and be able to see a design I have come up with based on the information you have provided. I will send the designs to you via etsy convo or email. Communication is key!
  5. Tell me what you like or dislike about the banner I have provided. What changes would you want made? This is now a very back and forth process. You will need to be available to answer convos/emails.
  6. Changes will be made according to the feedback I receive from you. At this point I will continue to work on your design until you are satisfied. (Again, communication is so important on these steps!)
  7. Once you have agreed to the final design I will ask for your email address and the process is nearly finished!
  8. I will email the finished design to you in your desired file format.
  9. Save the image to your computer. Then upload it to etsy.
  10. Leave feedback.


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