I took my sideshow to the circus…

Last night the Lewis & Clark Circus was here in Farmville. They had left free admission tickets for children all over town so we decided to go check it out. It’s not often something exciting comes to our little town. Apparently this is one of the last tent shows left in America today. We were a bit skeptical as we pulled up and saw the tent at the fairgrounds.

This is the view from our bleacher seats of the one ring performance area.  The only circus I had ever been to was the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Three Ring Circus, so, obviously this was a bit different than what I had always seen at the Norfolk Scope.

Zoe and Russell’s silly faces before things got started.

Bradley’s “I’m way too cool for this” face.

Jarod who would have rather been at home watching American Gladiators.  Why do my kids never believe me when I tell them they will have fun?

So with everyone’s “bored” faces on, here comes the cotton candy vendor.  That sure perked them up! Sugar for everyone!  Woohooooo!

How quickly their faces changed!

I got the impression that most of the acts were preformed by a family.  We saw acrobatics, clown skits, balancing acts, horses, a camel, preforming goats, (yes, goats) a fire eater, a magician and more.  I think our favorites were Jose-Jose the clown, and the ringmaster/magician/fire-eater’s “human volcano” act…

This was a very lucky shot of the “Human Volcano”

And finally, here is Jose-Jose, everyone’s favorite mischievous clown!

Everyone had a good time and the boys didn’t want to leave.  I’ll be looking forward to this old fashioned type circus again next year!


Thing are gonna change…

So, just in case it didn’t click with you from my last post, I am pregnant! It is very exciting news and we are extremely happy about it. You could throw in a mix of feelings and emotions, nervous, scared, anxious, shocked, etc, but overall happiness beats them all.

Things are great so far. No morning sickness yet, which is always a good thing. Friends and family are excited and happy for us. There’s actually only one person who had something negative to say and that would be my ex husband, oh well, pooey on him! The kids are all really excited and Zoe is telling anyone who will listen that Mommy has a baby in her tummy. As far as we know I am about 4 weeks along and am due January 7, 2009. It’s going to be long summer!

For those of you who don’t know, this will be my fourth, and Russell’s first. This baby will also be the first grandchild on Russell’s side of the family, how exciting!

Moving Time…

I bought a domain name and am creating a website and new blog too.  Please visit me in my new place… http://onit.mommaonnadesigns.com

Free Etsy Vacation Banner

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Something to Brag About

Yes, I have something to brag about.  It’s mine, I’ve earned it, so why not brag about it?  I’m talking about my 100% positive feedback rating on etsy.  

  • Fantastic! I am thrilled with my new banner and business card designs. Thank you so much for working with me on this. – mimsylafree
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  • I wish there was a higher rating than positive…more like estatic! Orgasmic..not sure about that one…but this is one of those AHHH moments when you tell an artist what is in your head and she puts it in the form your mind created! Love this woman! – Ali18974

Let me help

All etsy sellers are definitely into the DIY thing.  We like to do everything ourselves because that’s who we are, it’s what we do.  We try to make everything ourselves and often times end up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.  There comes a time when you just need to step back, observe what’s going on, and realize that you in fact, can not do everything yourself.  Many sellers find themselves feeling all tangled up when it comes to designing a graphic for their shop, that’s where I come in.  Why get your panties in a bunch? Let me help!  It’s what I do, let me design your perfect graphic so you can get back to doing what you do best! Come visit my shop today, take a look around, get a sense for my style. 

Gone Fishin’

I can hardly believe how much I accomplished today! By 8 am this morning the boys were off to school and I was on my 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee.  I started my rounds on the internet at usual.  Check my email, look at my site stats, check my blog, the weather, etc.  I then began my design work.  I had an order from kbotello on etsy. She sent a custom request needing a few graphics for her amateur photography.  I started with  a few color suggestions and a photo that she wanted to be incorporated into her designs.  I came up with this banner which she absolutely loves!

I actually emailed her several proofs but this was the design she liked the best.  Oddly enough it was my first design.  I’ve been doing that a lot lately – getting exactly what my client wants on the first go round.  It’s a great feeling!

After that I did some chores around the house and washed, dried, and folded some laundry.  I knew that we had plans to go fishing and the boys had an early release today from school so I wanted to get as much done as possible.  Russell didn’t work today so we went to go buy me a new fishing pole because mine broke last year.  We did our shopping and then Russell dropped Zoe and myself off at home and ran to the bank.  We wanted to get the grass cut before we left for the lake so I decided I would do that too.  

It took a little while, and Russell was quite surprised, but I got the front lawn nearly half cut before he got back from the bank.  The boys came home, we finished up the yard and off we went!

As always, Zoe caught the first fish.  And I do mean always.  She is only three years old and always catches something before the rest of us! Turned out the rest of us had no luck at all.  Guess they just aren’t biting yet.  The high point of the evening is when Jarod, my youngest son, spotted a black snake.  A HUGE black snake.  Russell ran over and grabbed the thing by the tail (do snakes have tails?), anyway, he grabbed it and dragged it backwards up onto the grass.  The thing coiled and spun around.  I ran across the clearing yelling at the kids to get back and threatening Russell within an inch of his life if he got it near me.  I’m cool with snakes, so long as they aren’t upset – in their natural habitat, slithering by – yeah, that’s okay, but not one that is being bothered and having a hissy fit because of it.  I was so terrified that Russell would tease me with it that I didn’t even think to grab my camera, which was hanging around my neck, and I missed a great photo opportunity.  Go me! That snake was a good five feet long. *Shiver*

We fished a bit longer with no luck, but that’s just fine because it was gorgeous outside.  We all started getting tired and hungry so we came home to grill some chicken. Russell cooked chicken skewers on the grill and I fixed carrots, sauteed squash & zucchini, and rice for sides. Everything was great.  We had several “happy plates”.

Now everyone is settled in and the kids are watching TV like they do on most Friday nights.  They’re especially tired from everything today so vegging out is completely okay with me tonight.  Russell is in the bedroom snoring.  He looks as if he just plopped on the bed to rest and fell asleep.  I tried to wake him a little while ago but he is out like a light.  I’ve taken advantage of the quiet time to start on another banner design.  After sending this proof to my client I will need to make a few changes to the dots but other than that it is pretty complete.  mimsylafree of etsy wanted a shop banner for her new shop “muffintops”.  She asked for a muffin to be incorporated into the design.  I sat down, drew out  a muffin and then this is what came of it…

Don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win a free business card design! Have a great weekend!