I’ve done it again!

I’ve let my blog just slip on by.  Again.  So much has been going on lately that I’ve found it hard to make time to even write a small passage.  Excuses, excuses…

Today I am 10 weeks pregnant and all seems to be going well.  My “baby bump” is expanding and I promise pictures soon!  I’m a tad anxious to compare my 6 week picture to a more recent one.   ( I haven’t even uploaded my 6 week photo yet – shhh!)  I don’t seem to be getting nauseous as often lately which is a very good thing, but I am increasingly tired.  A nap mid day always feels great!

It is incredibly hot outside lately! And guess who’s air conditioner broke? You got it.  Mine!  Today will be day two that I have been waiting on the repair man to come by.  I just got off the phone with the company and they tell me they still can not guarantee someone out today. Hooray! Thankfully we do have a window unit AC in our basement.   Last night the kids slept here in my office on our guest bed and Russell and I blew up an air mattress and put that in the main part of the  basement.  It was a much better alternative to sleeping upstairs where I swear the temperature is higher than outside.   The really bad thing is that we have to wait around all day with no real guarantee of when someone will come.  I just wish I could take the kids to my in-laws and stay in their pool all day!  And cooking?  Ha – I’m crazy but not stupid!


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  1. congrats on your baby bump! sorry to hear about your a/c — never a good time for it to go out!

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