Extreme Room Makeovers: Part 1

This week has been Spring break for my kids.   Their dad took them down to Virginia Beach on Saturday evening to spend some time with their grandparents.  They were to come back on Thursday.  Instead of using the time to relax, goof off, be lazy, or get some etsy work done, I decided I would suprise them with room makeovers. (insert sound of screaching brakes here) I know, crazy!

Sunday evening Russell and I picked out paint for the boys room and got started.  What a process it turned into!  My ideas for their room came from a set of twin quilts I have that belonged to my great-grandparents.   They are mostly blue with tropical fish on them, so and underwater theme sounded very cool!

Here are a few before pictures…


We painted the walls a nice blue and then decided to add some texture to it. For the texture I bought some blue paint a few shades darker than the base coat and mixed it with water.  Then I cut up and old pair of corduroy pants and ragged the walls.  The effect turned out to be just what I wanted…

 Then my ex called.  He had gotten his dates mixed up and the kids would be back a day early.  I started to panick!  Thank God for Russell, he always keeps me calm in these situations.  He helped me with everything, even after working all day, he would come home, eat and then jump right into a project with me.  Love that man. 


Check back tomorrow for the boys’ complete underwater room and all the crafty things I did to make it that way!


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