In A Day – A Poem for Moms

In A Day – A Poem for Moms by Angela Morgan

Wake up! Wake up! It’s time for school!
Grab your jackets, the weather’s cool!
The bus is here! Hurry, run!
Get out! Get out! There’s much to be done!
Feed the cats, then feed the kid
Oh man, do I have to make the bed?

Brush your teeth, now brush your hair
I know, I know, life’s unfair
Here are your socks, now where are your shoes?
And why is always the left one you lose?
Look at you! Pretty as a flower!
Now sit right here, so mommy can shower.

Hi there, now what is that howl?
I haven’t even finished using my towel.
You’re hungry again? But you just ate
Hurry up little girl, we’re gonna be late!
Buckle you in all safe and sound
We have errands to run all over town

Hold my hand, don’t run ahead
And don’t let mommy forget the bread
Sit in the cart and don’t climb out
No, you can’t have that and please don’t pout
You are being so helpful and so very sweet
When we check out you may have a treat.

Now off to the bank to deposit some cash
But not before mommy creates a little stash
Yes angel, that man does look funny
But please don’t point, that’s so rude honey
They’re out of lollipops, get off of the floor!
You know you can’t act like this when you turn four!

Back home for lunch, you have to eat
Oh honey! Wipe the mud from your feet!
Now sit right there and finish your food
The mud on the floor has affected my mood
I’m skipping lunch to mop and to sweep
Now it’s time for a nap, you need to sleep.

Peace and quiet, for an hour or two
I wish I didn’t have so much to do
Gather the laundry and take it downstairs
Pass the hall mirror, notice gray hairs
Again and again, wash dry and then fold
This laundry thing? It gets kinda old!

Up to the fridge for a glass of sweet tea
I have exactly five minutes all for me
Oh hello, did you have a nice nap?
yes, we’ll read a story, come sit on my lap
Once upon a time… this story’s a bore
Oh, sorry sweetie, I didn’t mean to snore

You see I’m not really perfect, despite what you think
In fact, some days, I’d trade even you for a nice stiff drink
I’m kidding, I’m kidding – you know I love you
Now come over here so I can tie your shoe
Your brothers are here, they’re coming through the door
They better not throw their things on the floor!

Hello, Hello – and how was your day
Homework and chores and then you can play
What’s that big guy? You got an A on your test?
Well, I knew you would, because you are the best!
Give it to me, we’ll hang it right here
Right next to this picture you drew me last year

Don’t hit your sister, stop teasing the cat
Just go outside! Don’t forget your hat!
Dinner is done, wash your hands and your face
Stop gobbling your food, this isn’t a race
Scrape your plate and put it into the sink
Now into the shower, boy do you stink!

Brush your teeth, get ready for bed
Don’t argue with me, you heard what I said
PJs are on, it’s time to hit the sack
Brace yourself! It’s a tickle attack!
Now lay down your head and rest your tired eyes
Because tomorrow we do it all again, as soon as we rise!


3 Responses

  1. Hi – first-time visitor – I LOVE this poem! It sums it all up beautifully.

  2. there’s no boundaries when it comes to parenting. You just describe mornings in our home, here in Tokyo!

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