My Computer Has PMS!

Dude! I don’t know what is going on. All of a sudden I have IE6 opening up whenever it wants to and showing me all sorts of travel websites and search engine websites. Umm, if I wanted to know I would go to those sites myself. Hello!!! Alas, my computer is not listening to me. I am in the process of downloading some ad aware program thinking I may have inadvertently downloaded some sort of ad or spy program.

That’s not all, this little beauty has been touchy all weekend. Yesterday was very hit or miss. I could click a website and BOOM, there it was, try the next and it wouldn’t load. This went on all day and night. I unhooked routers, and cable modems, and telephone lines, I restarted, did a system restore, you name it. Now I’m figuring it was indeed the cable connection as I am having no connection problems so far this morning.

I’ll be trying to force feed my lovely computer some Midol for the duration of the morning… Cross your fingers for me.


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