Kids Can Help Too

I believe it is very important for children to have responsibilities around the home. Today the weather is nice, mid to upper 60s. Right now I am taking a break from the laundry and have the kids outside doing some chores. The boys are cleaning out my van getting it ready to be vacuumed and Zoe is walking around the yard picking up stray papers and trash that has blown into the yard. Yes, they’re fussing, but they will be okay. Afterall, mom needs some help, and deserves some help with all the things she does for them. Like getting up this morning and baking muffins for breakfast.

My kids also have daily household chores, small things, but things that help out in the big picture of everything. They each have a “special area” that must be maintained at all times, along with their chores. There is no tv, computer, outside or play time before homework and chores are done. We put these rules into effect about two months ago and posted them on poster boards in the hallway where they can be seen, and not “forgotten”.

Maybe seeing my children’s list can help you with ideas for your own chore chart.

Bradley (10)

  • Vacuum living room rug (about a 4×6 area rug)
  • wash breakfast dishes
  • take out trash
  • clean kid’s bathroom
  • clean bedroom
  • take laundry down to basement
  • Special area – dining area (eat in part of kitchen)

Jarod (6)

  • sweep floors
  • match socks
  • gather dirty clothes
  • dust
  • empty waste baskets
  • clean bedroom
  • Special area: Hallway

Zoe (3)

  • clean bedroom
  • replace bags in waste baskets
  • fold small towels and wash/dish cloths
  • hold dustpan for Jarod
  • gather dirty clothes
  • dust
  • Special area: Foyer

Bradley always complains about getting his chores done and will take his sweet time on homework to try to get out of his chores. Unfortunately for him that means little TV/computer or free time. I figure it’s his age, and laziness.

Jarod and Zoe, however, absolutely love having chores and never complain about them. I think it makes them feel big and gives them some sense of responsibility in the family.

Even the smallest of children can start simple chores. As you can see, most of Jarod and Zoe’s chores go hand in hand, like the waste baskets and sweeping. It’s just a matter of thinking what your kids are capable of doing. You’d be surprised at how much it does help you out and how much time it saves you in the end. I really think it teaches them a valuable lesson.


3 Responses

  1. My girls always had chores..nothing really big, went with their ages. They did well in life and now my grandchildren have their chores..The one thing they all knew and that was being held accountable for their actions.

  2. Yes, I’ve always felt that even helping out in simple ways like a 2yr old counting the cups of flour when I’m baking is a way to teach my children how to help others, rather than just always expected others to help them. And they love it! Sure, when you’re first teaching children how to do a certain chore, it takes a lot longer than it would just doing it yourself, but I figure it’s an investment in the future. As they get older they’ll know how to do things around the house and will be a real contributor. And then carrying on to when they are adults – they’ll be more prepared for the responsibilities of adulthood and will be more likely to be positive contributors in the community.

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