The Ultimate Blog Party

So there is a party, and it started without me??? Wha?? We can’t have that! It’s The Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Well it’s nearly 1:30 in the morning here and I’ve got a touch of insomnia so come on in and we’ll talk for a spell and then we’ll head out to visit more parties. ( Only a couple days left!)

My name is Angela. That’s me, up there at the top of your page. I’m 26, have three beautiful kids, two cute yet annoying cats, and one incredible boyfriend! Come, I’ll introduce them…

The guy on the left is Bradley, my 10 year old. he’s a handsome guy and will do anything to make you laugh. He loves to show off and loves trying to be all grown up. He also just won a blue ribbon for a 4-H presentation in school on how to make an Origami Bird. Ask him about it and he’ll have you folding paper in no time!

To the right is Jarod, who just turned 6 in January. Your typical Kindergarten kid who loves making jokes and being silly. He also loves soccer and being the “boss” of his little sister.

This is my “mini-me”, Zoe. She turns 4 in a couple of months and makes sure that everyone knows her birthday is “on a Monday”. She stays at home with me every day and paints, sings, plays, and draws. She also loves telling everyone that what she did today was “Stay at home with my Momma!”

Uh-Oh, the cats are hiding, they like to hide when new people come over, they may make an appearance later. Let’s find Russell. He’s probably in the basement tuning his guitar to offer up some live entertainment! Woohooo.

Here he is now…

Just as I suspected, tuning that guitar. Russell is a wonderful musician and an incredible person all around. He takes care of me and the kids and supports us in everything we do. We are, of course, his number one fans. He’s ready to play a song for you now, enjoy!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your stay and I hope you’ll visit again. I’m sure I’ll run into you again! This was a lot of fun and the prizes, even better! Here is what I would choose, what would you choose?

  • Judy is offering a $25 gift certificate to Amazon – that would be nice!
  • Chocolate! Who doesn’t want chocolate???
  • Hick Chicks Soap Barn is offering a Skin Care Kit – ooh la la I LOVE soaps and lotions!

If I were to win and these were already taken I would happily accept anything that isn’t really related to a baby, since my baby is almost 4 years old. For example numbers: 3, 4, 7, 14, 15, 135, 138, and 151



8 Responses

  1. I’m inviting you to party with me!

    Win some chocolate from my-sister-in-law and I…we blog about CHOCOLATE…me from Australia…and her from Michigan. Here’s the link:

    What am I doing in Australia? I married an Aussie…and moved to Brisbane, leaving my family and friends and all the right-side-of-the-road drivers in America.

    Win a handmade pocket place mat from my blog Comfort Joy Designs. Here’s the link:

    Want to know more about life in Australia? Visit my A Cup of Joy site where I keep up with my family and friends in America. Here’s the link:

    Happy Partying!

  2. Hey Angela, thanks for the comment. We can be the insomniac partiers. We’ll make it a late night bash:)

    I’m going to TRY to get some sleep now (3:03AM), but I’ll come read more later. Your kids are ADORABLE…and at least you’ll still be young when they leave home and you can do all kinds of fun stuff then;)

  3. Welcome to the party! Better late than never.

  4. Welcome to UBP… and thanks for sharing a little bit of you with us! What great talent Russell has, … – – – I can’t wait – my oldest son is learning the play the guitar and is loving every minute of it. He’s been playing for the last year and two months! Your kids are adorable.

    Hop on over and ‘party’ a little with us at My journey!!!

    God Bless, HL

  5. Funny place! 😉

    Happy Blog Party!!!!!

  6. Welcome to the party! You have absolutely gorgeous kids! Thanks for introducing yourself and your family. Have fun partying : )

  7. Wahoo! Hey Angela! Great Party!

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