Plastic Grocery Bags

Yes, I know, I should NOT use them.  I know.  I should use canvas shopping bags, and I should make my own or buy some really nice handmade ones from some really nice etsy sellers.  Here’s my dilemma: I buy all of my groceries once or twice a month in one trip.  So I figure I would need about 30 or more reusable bags, which would take up all of the room in my cart and then where would my groceries go? So, alas, for big trips to the store, I have my goodies put into plastic bags.  Sorry.

The Good News:

I don’t throw them away!  I keep them and reuse them.  I use them for all sorts of things.

The Issue:

I stored them in my pantry and they scared me.  Every time I opened that door it was like they were going to attack me.

The Solution:

A bag keeper/holder/dispenser.  Not an original idea, but a good one.  I made a few.  I made one for myself.  I put all of my bags in it, and they just pull right out from the bottom.  Even the kids can use it.  Mine now hangs on my pantry door and keeps all of those unruly bags in check! I listed some in Angelalala etsy shop if you are interested.


4 Responses

  1. That’s so cute! I reuse mine too – we use the grocery bags for the trash instead of buying plastic trash bags.

  2. You know that there is a new study that came out saying plastic bags aren’t nearly as bad for the environment (when they get out and run amok) as previous “scientists” have said? They are saying previous studies are based on bad / flawed science.

    So I never feel guilty for using plastic bags. And I also reuse them. They are my lunch bags and extra “purse” when I need to carry stuff. Especially to the post office.

    I have started seeing some really cute reusable bags though. But I like my plastic ones. 🙂

  3. Oh by the way…I LOVE that bag holder!!! We had one and it broke. Hmmm…may have to add that to my list. =)

  4. I soooooooo need one of those. They scare me too. All of our paper and plastic bags avalanched down from the side of our fridge the other night and scared the crap out of me.

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