The Ultimate Etsy Shop Graphic Starter Package

Many of us know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to try and brand your shop.   We all know how important it is to create an image that is associated with our name, and if you don’t, you should.  I wanted to make this process just a  little easier for people getting started.  I wanted to put everything together, with choices of design and an array of graphics to use to brand a shop.  So, I came up with  an incredible starter package that includes the following:

  • 760 x 100 Shop Banner
  • 75 x 75 Avatar
  • 300 x 300 Reserved Listing Graphic – for those custom and reserved listings.
  • 300 x 300 MySpace Graphic – show your appreciation and promote your shop!
  • 125 x 125 Web Ad – advertise on blogs and websites
  • 468 x 60 Web Banner – use for advertising or as an email signature for email and message boards!
  • 200 x 200 Thank You Feedback Graphic – there is a place to upload an image when leaving feedback – this adds that special touch!

The pre designed packages are just $25, while the fully customizable package is $50.  You can find them HERE.  


 I am currently working on a turtle design and many more will follow.  Be sure to check back!


Extreme Room Makeovers: Part 1

This week has been Spring break for my kids.   Their dad took them down to Virginia Beach on Saturday evening to spend some time with their grandparents.  They were to come back on Thursday.  Instead of using the time to relax, goof off, be lazy, or get some etsy work done, I decided I would suprise them with room makeovers. (insert sound of screaching brakes here) I know, crazy!

Sunday evening Russell and I picked out paint for the boys room and got started.  What a process it turned into!  My ideas for their room came from a set of twin quilts I have that belonged to my great-grandparents.   They are mostly blue with tropical fish on them, so and underwater theme sounded very cool!

Here are a few before pictures…


We painted the walls a nice blue and then decided to add some texture to it. For the texture I bought some blue paint a few shades darker than the base coat and mixed it with water.  Then I cut up and old pair of corduroy pants and ragged the walls.  The effect turned out to be just what I wanted…

 Then my ex called.  He had gotten his dates mixed up and the kids would be back a day early.  I started to panick!  Thank God for Russell, he always keeps me calm in these situations.  He helped me with everything, even after working all day, he would come home, eat and then jump right into a project with me.  Love that man. 


Check back tomorrow for the boys’ complete underwater room and all the crafty things I did to make it that way!

In A Day – A Poem for Moms

In A Day – A Poem for Moms by Angela Morgan

Wake up! Wake up! It’s time for school!
Grab your jackets, the weather’s cool!
The bus is here! Hurry, run!
Get out! Get out! There’s much to be done!
Feed the cats, then feed the kid
Oh man, do I have to make the bed?

Brush your teeth, now brush your hair
I know, I know, life’s unfair
Here are your socks, now where are your shoes?
And why is always the left one you lose?
Look at you! Pretty as a flower!
Now sit right here, so mommy can shower.

Hi there, now what is that howl?
I haven’t even finished using my towel.
You’re hungry again? But you just ate
Hurry up little girl, we’re gonna be late!
Buckle you in all safe and sound
We have errands to run all over town

Hold my hand, don’t run ahead
And don’t let mommy forget the bread
Sit in the cart and don’t climb out
No, you can’t have that and please don’t pout
You are being so helpful and so very sweet
When we check out you may have a treat.

Now off to the bank to deposit some cash
But not before mommy creates a little stash
Yes angel, that man does look funny
But please don’t point, that’s so rude honey
They’re out of lollipops, get off of the floor!
You know you can’t act like this when you turn four!

Back home for lunch, you have to eat
Oh honey! Wipe the mud from your feet!
Now sit right there and finish your food
The mud on the floor has affected my mood
I’m skipping lunch to mop and to sweep
Now it’s time for a nap, you need to sleep.

Peace and quiet, for an hour or two
I wish I didn’t have so much to do
Gather the laundry and take it downstairs
Pass the hall mirror, notice gray hairs
Again and again, wash dry and then fold
This laundry thing? It gets kinda old!

Up to the fridge for a glass of sweet tea
I have exactly five minutes all for me
Oh hello, did you have a nice nap?
yes, we’ll read a story, come sit on my lap
Once upon a time… this story’s a bore
Oh, sorry sweetie, I didn’t mean to snore

You see I’m not really perfect, despite what you think
In fact, some days, I’d trade even you for a nice stiff drink
I’m kidding, I’m kidding – you know I love you
Now come over here so I can tie your shoe
Your brothers are here, they’re coming through the door
They better not throw their things on the floor!

Hello, Hello – and how was your day
Homework and chores and then you can play
What’s that big guy? You got an A on your test?
Well, I knew you would, because you are the best!
Give it to me, we’ll hang it right here
Right next to this picture you drew me last year

Don’t hit your sister, stop teasing the cat
Just go outside! Don’t forget your hat!
Dinner is done, wash your hands and your face
Stop gobbling your food, this isn’t a race
Scrape your plate and put it into the sink
Now into the shower, boy do you stink!

Brush your teeth, get ready for bed
Don’t argue with me, you heard what I said
PJs are on, it’s time to hit the sack
Brace yourself! It’s a tickle attack!
Now lay down your head and rest your tired eyes
Because tomorrow we do it all again, as soon as we rise!

STOP! Banner Time!

I have a new toy! Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2! Fancy stuff there! I have been working with Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 for the longest time.  I love the upgrade.  My computer is still giving me tons of trouble but I have managed to come up with some new etsy banner designs and I have somehow found the time to list them in  my shop.

Here are my latest creations:

My Computer Has PMS!

Dude! I don’t know what is going on. All of a sudden I have IE6 opening up whenever it wants to and showing me all sorts of travel websites and search engine websites. Umm, if I wanted to know I would go to those sites myself. Hello!!! Alas, my computer is not listening to me. I am in the process of downloading some ad aware program thinking I may have inadvertently downloaded some sort of ad or spy program.

That’s not all, this little beauty has been touchy all weekend. Yesterday was very hit or miss. I could click a website and BOOM, there it was, try the next and it wouldn’t load. This went on all day and night. I unhooked routers, and cable modems, and telephone lines, I restarted, did a system restore, you name it. Now I’m figuring it was indeed the cable connection as I am having no connection problems so far this morning.

I’ll be trying to force feed my lovely computer some Midol for the duration of the morning… Cross your fingers for me.

Kids Can Help Too

I believe it is very important for children to have responsibilities around the home. Today the weather is nice, mid to upper 60s. Right now I am taking a break from the laundry and have the kids outside doing some chores. The boys are cleaning out my van getting it ready to be vacuumed and Zoe is walking around the yard picking up stray papers and trash that has blown into the yard. Yes, they’re fussing, but they will be okay. Afterall, mom needs some help, and deserves some help with all the things she does for them. Like getting up this morning and baking muffins for breakfast.

My kids also have daily household chores, small things, but things that help out in the big picture of everything. They each have a “special area” that must be maintained at all times, along with their chores. There is no tv, computer, outside or play time before homework and chores are done. We put these rules into effect about two months ago and posted them on poster boards in the hallway where they can be seen, and not “forgotten”.

Maybe seeing my children’s list can help you with ideas for your own chore chart.

Bradley (10)

  • Vacuum living room rug (about a 4×6 area rug)
  • wash breakfast dishes
  • take out trash
  • clean kid’s bathroom
  • clean bedroom
  • take laundry down to basement
  • Special area – dining area (eat in part of kitchen)

Jarod (6)

  • sweep floors
  • match socks
  • gather dirty clothes
  • dust
  • empty waste baskets
  • clean bedroom
  • Special area: Hallway

Zoe (3)

  • clean bedroom
  • replace bags in waste baskets
  • fold small towels and wash/dish cloths
  • hold dustpan for Jarod
  • gather dirty clothes
  • dust
  • Special area: Foyer

Bradley always complains about getting his chores done and will take his sweet time on homework to try to get out of his chores. Unfortunately for him that means little TV/computer or free time. I figure it’s his age, and laziness.

Jarod and Zoe, however, absolutely love having chores and never complain about them. I think it makes them feel big and gives them some sense of responsibility in the family.

Even the smallest of children can start simple chores. As you can see, most of Jarod and Zoe’s chores go hand in hand, like the waste baskets and sweeping. It’s just a matter of thinking what your kids are capable of doing. You’d be surprised at how much it does help you out and how much time it saves you in the end. I really think it teaches them a valuable lesson.

Help is on the way! (Etsy style)

“Help is on the way!” (What movie was it that Robin Williams said this in? Mrs. Doubtfire? I think it was…)

That was my reply to a recent order. They buyer said this in my sale details:

“I love your sense of humor in the forums! I am a fabulous knitter, but totally stink at graphics, pics, marketing. Help!!”

What? I’m funny? No way, not me! Well guess what homegirl! I’m a totally fantastic (and humorous) graphics designer but I STINK at knitting! I can’t wait to get started on her banner and avatar for her etsy shop.

I’ve been spending a great deal of time in the etsy forums. A great place really. You can find answers to all if not most of your questions. People are so very ready to add their two cents help out. Most of all, I absolutely LOVE being a part of such a caring community. I have seen on several occasions, etsy sellers, and buyers, pulling together and working problems out for each other. Becoming detectives and tackling a problem. Like momma lions protecting their cubs when in danger. Here is an example:

One little statement turned into 545 posts. Our fellow “etsians” were in need, and we all answered the call. It warms the heart. If you use etsy, and have never stepped foot into the forums, now is a good time to come on in and take a look around. If you have toyed with the idea of joining etsy and haven’t taken that leap – JUMP! And finally, if you are looking for some totally awesome handmade and usually one of a kind items with tons of heart and soul poured into them, well, etsy is your kind of place. I hope to see you there!