Sunday Work

I woke up at 7 am this morning. Thanks to Bradley’s alarm clock buzzing. He never remembers to turn it off on the weekends. The kicker – he isn’t even home on the weekends! Russell got up to turn it off and went back to sleep very quickly. I couldn’t so I got up.

I straightened the kitchen a little and brewed a pot of coffee. Gotta have my coffee! I sat down and took a look at my new shop. I only have 6 items so far, and here they are…

new EtsyNameSpace.Mini(5608406, ‘shop’,’thumbnail’,2,3).renderIframe();

I went to the forums and asked for critiques since I’ve sold nothing and my views are low. Not too much negative actually. Someone suggested I put my shipping and return policy on my profile so I did. Another suggested my photo backgrounds were too busy. I agreed. So I posted again asking about simple plain backgrounds. Why in the world the method did not occur to me earlier is beyond me. Turns out I use this method very often in making my graphics. Maybe I should start selling this service is my graphics shop. Here are some before and after shots.


After – HUGE difference


I think the shadow on the second one is a bit much and I will alter that in future listings. What do you think? Don’t they “pop” more now?Ang

8 Responses

  1. oh yes, the second shots really pop. i agree about the shadow on the second one. good luck on your shop!

  2. I really love the second photos! I need to figure out how to do that because my pillows look a little silly on chairs and whatnot. I have photoshop so I am certain I can do that. Too bad I spent so much money on CS2 and never really learned to do anything with it. I love what you did with your pincushions!!! Very big difference! Best of luck on your new shop!!!

  3. I think having a solid color background is good for your photos – but the shadow is a bit much. Good luck!

  4. The new pictures are great!

  5. I love the second photos, there is a huge difference. Good Work!

  6. These are great examples! You should check out the blog of Kinichi River Designs–they’re featuring before and afters.

  7. The second shots are so much better, I didn’t think there was much wrong with the first one until I saw the second.

    I have trouble with my photos too.

    Racheal x

  8. Wow, great job! I think you could definately sale this service on Etsy… I know I have searched for it before.

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