The $1 Mystery Box

Ok, a more upbeat post compared to my previous post today. Thank goodness.

I went to Motley’s Emporium after I dropped Zoe off to get some vintage zippers and such. I ended up buying vintage zippers, bias tape, wooden spools of thread, pinking shears, and an old crochet pattern book with some neat patterns – all vintage by the way, not just the zippers. I was leaving the store when I saw it. A mystery box, all taped up, no signs of what was inside, just for one dollar. Curiosity got the best of me and I went back in and bought it. The lady laughed at me. Not in a mean way though. I’m sure it was because of my childlike excitement and curiosity.

I felt like a kid on Christmas on the ride home. I just could NOT wait to get home and open that box! So I did so, as soon as I took my coat off and grabbed my camera because I just KNEW this would make a great blog post. 🙂

This is what I saw upon opening the box. I was anxious to get the picture taken because I wanted to flip that platter over, and quick!

It’s a cheese platter! And it’s old. It has that crackled glaze look to it. There’s a glue spot on the top of the cheese. I’m thinking there was a little mouse there at one time. That is what makes sense to me. It has different kinds of cheeses printed on it in gold and a gold rim. The back says Cardinal China Company Warranted 22 K. Made in USA. Wonder if I can sell it on etsy? If you want it, drop me a line. It has no chips or cracks. Just the missing mouse on top of the cheese.

Then there was this little neglected lady. Once upon a time she was being sold for $35. She was handmade by Judy S. and was apparently not to be sold as a toy, according to her tag. A bit of cleaning and she’d be cute for someone’s country decor. Not my style really but she’s awfully cute. And I love knowing that she is handmade.

WHAT in the world is this? If you know, please, let me know.

The rest of the contents of the box:

An old Styrofoam ice bucket, a very old Polaroid camera, several butter knives, two interesting red beer mugs/steins, an old soap dish, a bundt pan, a coffee mug, a picture album, a watch, a screwdriver, an old sheet, and a Winnie the Pooh throw blanket.

Maybe it’s junk, but it was FUN! Now, what am I going to do with this stuff? I almost want to go get a another mystery box…



3 Responses

  1. I know random assortments and mystery boxes always get me! That long metal needle thing looks like a drop spindle of some kind. Great grab for only $1!

  2. Awww, poor neglected bunny. Hope you find someone who wants it.

  3. I think the cheese plate is worth $1, all by itself. I am not, however, in need of a cheese plate, so probably wouldn’t be willing to pay what it would cost to ship safely. 😦

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