Day Two: On the Job

It is a very gray, cold, and gloomy day here in Farmville. It’s not starting off well at all. I was so tired last night that I just stayed on the couch and was lazy after dinner. BIG, no, HUGE mistake! Russell told me he put the food away from dinner and I didn’t even venture into the kitchen after thanking him. We had what was supposed to be a bad storm come through while we were sleeping. It was supposed to be a wintry mix, looks like it was all rain. Anyway, school was delayed two hours, so since my wisdom tooth is causing my jaw to swell, and my sinuses are not behaving, I told the kids I was going back to bed for a bit. I woke back up right before their bus got here.

Then I went into the kitchen. Put the food away is certainly ALL he did. Dishes everywhere. No trash bag in the can, but there was trash in the can and the counters. Cereal bowls with an inch of sugar in the bottom of them strewn all over the counters. All the things from dinner, just piled up. My fault for being tired and lazy last night? Or their fault for having no concern whatsoever? I guess it may be a matter of opinion.

In any case, I snapped at Russell this morning when he asked me a question. I told him I was pissed for having to clean up after sloppiness all day when the purpose of me cutting back my hours is to spend on MY businesses! I think I’m right. Others will argue.

Of course, I expect, and actually look forward to, a certain amount of household chores and duties now that I am staying home. But cleaning up after pure carelessness really gets to me. Show some respect, some appreciation, SOMETHING!

So, I’m going to drink one more cup of coffee and take Zoe to daycare. Then I’m coming home, cleaning up just a little bit. Saving bedrooms for all the males that live in this house, and saving dishes for Mr. Pre-Teen. Then, I am working on what I am supposed to be working on!

There, my foot is down. 🙂

Thanks for reading. Hopefully I’ll have some pics to take because I learned how to put a zipper in my pouches! YAY!



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