My latest project – etsy people please help…

I’m putting together a website called I love Etsy. You can see my progress here. My original plan for this site was something completely different and I wanted to change the registered .com but am unable to with Microsoft Live. So, I’m running with it. I also think the set up looks hideous but I am unable to control how it looks, or I am unable to figure out how. We all know I could design something much better. If anyone knows how please tell me.

I need testimonials from sellers and buyers on etsy. Just a simple phrase telling why you love etsy that I can use on the site. I will also be featuring sellers on a weekly basis, giving them a full page of credit where there will be a description of the seller and the items they make, an etsy mini, and links to their website, etsy shop, blog, and any other link associated with them. I plan to feature based on various topics that I am still brainstorming on.

Aside from the bugs I’ve mentioned. I’d love to see some feedback on the site.


again, it’s



7 Responses

  1. I love etsy because I can buy unique, original, handmade items, That are created with great care and attention to detail.

  2. I love Etsy! And I love it because it’s made it accessible for me to sell my art and crafts. I’ve always wanted to make a living off my creativity, and Etsy has made it possible. Plus I’ve found some of the nicest people ever, and made so many friends from the forums, chat, and the two Street Teams I belong to. Almost everyone is supportive and willing to give advice, I’ve never seen that anywhere!

  3. I really like the site idea!

    I love Etsy because it sparks my creativity. I came there to sell, but I saw so many great crafts that I have tried a whole lot of new ones since I signed up!

    Plus it made me start my Blog, which I really started to enjoy!

  4. interesting, I’ll have to check it out! How can you not love etsy?

  5. I love Etsy because of all the wonderful people I have met and the community support I get there. I think your website is a great idea!

  6. I like the color scheme and your banner looks very contemporary and clean.

  7. I love the people on Etsy! I love the talent and the beauty you can find there!

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