Good Stuff at Good Will! for a buck!

I went to our Good Will Thrift Store last night in search of project ideas. I found a few things to change into other things. Reduce, Reuse, and REPURPOSE! Woohooo.

From the Dollar Rack, I found this shirt. I think it is hideous in it’s original form, but love the print…

Sew… I few snips and stitches later, I have this fantastic form fitting top!

Then there was this. Again, blech! But I knew immediately it would make an adorable dress for Miss Priss…

Voila! Check out this little HAM!


7 Responses

  1. Sweetness! Come rehab all of my fugly clothes for me.

  2. Great finds! Great creations! You did good!

  3. Very cool! I never thought of doing that!

  4. awww it looks so cute on her! well done 🙂

  5. Very pretty, I love thrift store finds myself, and it’s good for the wallet and the environment. Cute transformations!

  6. Well done they look great!

  7. You’re a visionary!

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