Sooo, I like to sew, who knew?

I’ve been sewing. Who knew I could sew? I didn’t! I mean, I could do the basics. Nothing fancy. I can’t read a pattern to save my life, and nothing has changed there. I took a Fashion Design elective course in highschool that was a complete disaster. My mom and I picked out a pattern of some shirt/blouse thing. I remember it was a green button up shirt, or was supposed to be. I really wish I had a picture of it. It was so bad.

I bought a sewing machine about 4 yrs ago when I was pregnant to make a quilt for Zoe. I did, it was/is pretty. However, it is very small and poorly done, and it’s crooked. Oh well. I pretty much gave up sewing after that.

Recently I got my sewing machine back from Karleigh after she had it for over a year and never even used it. I started playing around and made myself a purse using napkins and a vintage tie. I loved it even though it had no liner, the pockets were on crooked and the edges were frayed every where. That was about a month ago. Now look at what I can do with just watching a few videos online and reading some tutorials. Still no patterns… just eyeballing everything….

I love this one. It’s made from some remnants from the scrap bin at Wal-Mart, a couple of D-rings, and a grosgrain ribbon…

I found some printable fabric sheets and made myself some tags.

This is the one I’m carrying now. Its a tote made from remnants from an upholstery fabric shop here in town that I paid a dollar for and the lining is a scrap from Wal-Mart. No fancy hardware or anything…

The lining…

My tag, so excited about that.

I always hang my keys on my purse strap, so I figured out how to include a loop for that purpose.

Now, friends at work are asking me to make purses for them. Sniffer brought me pink paisley John Deer fabric and I made a fabulous bag for her, I’ll get a picture of it next time she comes over. She adores it, the nut! She’s such a country girl.

Michelle brought me this fabric yesterday morning. A half yard of each print, and asked me to make it as big as possible. This is what I did for her. I’m happy with the results. Hope she is.

That’s all for now. Thanks for looking!


8 Responses

  1. Love the turquoise and brown bag.

  2. Wow! I’m glad to hear that sewing disasters don’t mean that one has some kind of sewing curse. I’m hoping to recover from a few myself. 🙂 Your bags are beautiful!

  3. Your bags are awesome, great job! I love the turquoise and brown one.

  4. Great bags…it never fails to impress me when I see people with such talent!!! I used to sew…haven’t done it in years…but then there are many things I haven’t done in years 🙂

    Cheers Heather

  5. Your bags are gorgeous, I love the colours!

  6. beautiful work!

  7. well, hot damn Ang, you surprise me all the time. You and your craftiness! I still have some of the rugs that you made for the kids! 😉 Talk to you soon, girl! Brooke

  8. Beautiful work! I can’t believe you have been sewing for such a short period of time. I am a self taught seamstress and have been sewing for about 22 or more years. I was a young child when I started. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of time to learn the techniques involved. The fact that you have learned so much so fast is amazing. You have a natural talent. Your work looks so nice and professional. Do you find sewing a good stress reliever? I do. Take care!
    Kira 🙂

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