Animated Banners and Ads for Etsy Sellers

I would like to say thank you to all of the wonderful etsy sellers that allowed me to use their shops to create some of my animations. Feel free to use them however you wish.


Using an animated graphic is a great way to catch people’s eye as they are browsing the net. With a catchy graphic and a link to your shop you are well on your way to traffic and sales. Lynne of HyperloopHoops
actually challenged me to make an animated graphic featuring hoops. It took me quite a few tries but I think I did it.

Adding a full banner, such as the examples below is a great way of advertising on forums, message boards, MySpace, Facebook, banner exchanges, plug boards and more. If you would like an animated graphic for your website or etsy shop, feel free to shoot me a line or visit my shop.







2 Responses

  1. Too cool! Thank you so much for doing that!


  2. Angela – Thank you so much! You’re such a talent!

    Love –
    Penelope and Anastasia Jewelry

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