To destash, or not to destaash…

I need a little help making up my mind. I started making beaded jewelry, oh, I guess about 3 and a half years ago. I started off making baby bracelets because I had a brand new baby girl and after having two boys I just had to have her as dolled up as possible. She was always my Miss Priss. Wow, how we have both changed in just a few years… She looks older and I actually look younger – go me! Anyway. So I have all these beads and findings in my basement. I keep using them for other projects but I have some serious Crafter’s A.D.D. I go down to the basement, tear open a box, grab what I want/need and leave a mess. I think it may be time to get rid of it all. Or, at least, most of it. I know if I do, that I will use etsy to sell it, my problem is pricing. I’ll have to make the price worth the listing and ebay fees, plus the final value fees. I just can not decide if it would be worth it. Guess I’ll never know until I try it…


4 Responses

  1. Go you for looking younger!! (how’d you do that?) I have the same crafter’s ADD and basement problem. Right now my basement is full of herbal stuff, sewing crafts, jewelry crafts… and like you, I go down and grab what I need, then run back up so as not to feel so overwhelmed by all the stuff!

  2. Great pics! 🙂

  3. oops… I was signed in under my “other” name… creativesimpleton is actually kathijane!

  4. I understand your problem as well. I realized when I have too much stuff I can’t focus so I am trying to destash as well.

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