Fun and Funky Fabric Covered Slap Bracelets

Remember those slap bracelets we all used to have? I’m so bringing them back! I found a great supplier to buy blank bracelets from and then I just simply sew a casing for them using fun and colorful ribbons. I’ve also made some that are reversible.

I’ve given the old, a new look for a more mature audience (though kids can wear them too, my 3 yr old LOVES hers!)

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Beautiful New Etsy Banners

I have listed (and continue to list) some very beautiful new banners for etsy shops. I have acquired some very nice flower graphics to use. They are so big, bold, and bright that they just pop out at you. I’m only charging $5 each, and each one is only being sold once. That means that once you purchase the banner it is uniquely yours and no one can even purchase it again. A one of a kind, if you will. Check them out here, and buy them in my etsy shop –

Title? What Title?

How can I possibly think of a title? I don’t even know what I’m blogging about today.

I’m overwhelmed. Working at home requires discipline. Lots of discipline. I know. And lists. And lots of work. I’m already starting to hate when people ask me, “So how was your day off yesterday?” Day off? Ha! You idiot! You have no idea. I don’t get a day off. I haven’t had a day off in 10 years. I’m not complaining, just simply stating a fact.

To help me get better organized I’m making a three part list. Each section is titled “HOME”, “WORK” and “ME”. In those sections I am dividing up what I need to get done for each. It’s a work in progress, like everything else. Then I will prioritize each thing in those lists, and then prioritize the three sections themselves. (Wonder which one will be last? Hmmm… “ME”)

New Spring Time Etsy Banners

With the opening of Angelalala Designs I’ve been neglecting my original shop just a little bit. My sales definitely decreased as I was not adding much new content at all. I wanted to add something new and fresh. With my anticipation of Spring I thought these banners might do the trick.

New Spring Time Etsy Shop Banners (all $5 each)

I’m wondering if a seasons packet would be of interest to anyone. A set of four banners with the same style, but showing off the four different seasons. Let me know what you think of that.

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First sale on Angelalala Designs!

I had my first sale for Angelalala Designs on etsy last night. I’ve been listing some earrings that I made last year in an effort to get something for them since I did not sell all of them at The Heart of Virginia Festival in May. It’s an awesome clearance sale, you should check it out, $5 a pair!

I have about a hundred pairs of earrings to list and then I may even list my beading supplies. My goal is to list 4 – 5 pair a day.

I’m really trying to push my pincushions hard. I think my price is very reasonable and I am really a true fan of my product. I’ve made ads for Project Wonderful and for plug boards. I’ve also attempted promoting them in the etsy forums, particularly the Promotions section but things speed by there so fast my post doesn’t even get noticed.

Here’s my etsy mini!

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We should be heading to The Mad Hatter for open mic night tonight since Russell is feeling better (FINALLY!) If you are in the area, come join us!

Also, I think I may have a contest giving away a few pairs of earrings. Stay tuned for that post!

Have a spectacular day!


Sunday Work

I woke up at 7 am this morning. Thanks to Bradley’s alarm clock buzzing. He never remembers to turn it off on the weekends. The kicker – he isn’t even home on the weekends! Russell got up to turn it off and went back to sleep very quickly. I couldn’t so I got up.

I straightened the kitchen a little and brewed a pot of coffee. Gotta have my coffee! I sat down and took a look at my new shop. I only have 6 items so far, and here they are…

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I went to the forums and asked for critiques since I’ve sold nothing and my views are low. Not too much negative actually. Someone suggested I put my shipping and return policy on my profile so I did. Another suggested my photo backgrounds were too busy. I agreed. So I posted again asking about simple plain backgrounds. Why in the world the method did not occur to me earlier is beyond me. Turns out I use this method very often in making my graphics. Maybe I should start selling this service is my graphics shop. Here are some before and after shots.


After – HUGE difference


I think the shadow on the second one is a bit much and I will alter that in future listings. What do you think? Don’t they “pop” more now?Ang

The $1 Mystery Box

Ok, a more upbeat post compared to my previous post today. Thank goodness.

I went to Motley’s Emporium after I dropped Zoe off to get some vintage zippers and such. I ended up buying vintage zippers, bias tape, wooden spools of thread, pinking shears, and an old crochet pattern book with some neat patterns – all vintage by the way, not just the zippers. I was leaving the store when I saw it. A mystery box, all taped up, no signs of what was inside, just for one dollar. Curiosity got the best of me and I went back in and bought it. The lady laughed at me. Not in a mean way though. I’m sure it was because of my childlike excitement and curiosity.

I felt like a kid on Christmas on the ride home. I just could NOT wait to get home and open that box! So I did so, as soon as I took my coat off and grabbed my camera because I just KNEW this would make a great blog post. 🙂

This is what I saw upon opening the box. I was anxious to get the picture taken because I wanted to flip that platter over, and quick!

It’s a cheese platter! And it’s old. It has that crackled glaze look to it. There’s a glue spot on the top of the cheese. I’m thinking there was a little mouse there at one time. That is what makes sense to me. It has different kinds of cheeses printed on it in gold and a gold rim. The back says Cardinal China Company Warranted 22 K. Made in USA. Wonder if I can sell it on etsy? If you want it, drop me a line. It has no chips or cracks. Just the missing mouse on top of the cheese.

Then there was this little neglected lady. Once upon a time she was being sold for $35. She was handmade by Judy S. and was apparently not to be sold as a toy, according to her tag. A bit of cleaning and she’d be cute for someone’s country decor. Not my style really but she’s awfully cute. And I love knowing that she is handmade.

WHAT in the world is this? If you know, please, let me know.

The rest of the contents of the box:

An old Styrofoam ice bucket, a very old Polaroid camera, several butter knives, two interesting red beer mugs/steins, an old soap dish, a bundt pan, a coffee mug, a picture album, a watch, a screwdriver, an old sheet, and a Winnie the Pooh throw blanket.

Maybe it’s junk, but it was FUN! Now, what am I going to do with this stuff? I almost want to go get a another mystery box…