The Mad Hatter, Farmville VA

Russell and Doug, The Mad Hatter, Open Mic Night.

This place, in my opinion, should be packed every night and every day. I’m a huge fan. Russell and I are not from this area and have always yearned for a place to hang out, drink good brew (coffee or beer), enjoy good music, and revel in a comfortable ambiance.
I believe it was early fall when we noticed the big cinder block building behind Macado’s had gone from all white to half green. We then noticed a big sign saying The Mad Hatter was coming soon. When we finished our lunch at Macado’s I remember we investigated the sign further and were delighted to read the words “coffee, music, art” That’s all we needed to know.

Once they finally opened their doors we were thrilled with what we heard about the place. Although it took us a little while to get in there, we were both happy with what we experienced.


“The Mad Hatter is a coffee shop, light fare restaurant, and music and art venue located in the small but growing college town of Farmville, Virginia. We strive to be a place of community, linking the people of our town together by providing a place where they can relax, be with friends, and enjoy fine music and art that stir their senses.

Anyone can make a cup of coffee. We want to build a community.”

Karleigh singing. Mad Hatter Open Mic Night.

Karleigh, like Russell, is a singer/song writer. Her style is amazing and her voice just draws you in. Her lyrics are stunning and chilling. Her personal life has influenced her greatly and it shows in her music. I am so proud of her.

Sniffer completely cheesin’ over her Wes’ Famous –cheddar/jack blend grilled cheese with parmesean encrusted sourdough – which is by the way the ABSOLUTE BEST grilled cheese sandwich EVER to grace my palate!

Jennifer and Lanie (on the phone, in the background) came out to show their support to Russell and Karleigh Monday night.

Russell again. He’s such a natural at this.

I love hearing him play and sing and I love watching him. His facial expressions show so much passion for his music.

We plan to attend open mic night regularly. Monday nights 7 – 9pm at, where else – The Mad Hatter

We hope to see you there!


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