Oh Dear Blog…

How I neglect you sometimes. Ever find it hard to find something to write about? I know I do. I ponder what people may want to read about. Surely my day to day activities are not that interesting. Or are they?

I’ve been working on my etsy shop. I have not made a single sale in days and it is really discouraging. I can’t seem to figure out why. Other banners makers are selling. Our prices are similar, and my designs are great. What’s the catch? I offer impeccable customer service, beautiful designs, low prices, what else? What am I missing?

I’m advertising. Maybe not as much as I could be. Gosh, it’s just so time consuming though. I have ads on Project Wonderful. I’m selling ad space here. I post in forums both on etsy and wahm.com. I have a Flickr account, a Talent Database Profile, and I have my MySpace Page. I do need to go post some ads on Craigslist. I’m just not so sure what else can be done to make the sales for the items I am offering.

I was featured in a blog yesterday and I was so excited to get some traffic to my shop. Guess what? Not a thing. My views did not increase, I got no additional “hearts”, no convos, no emails. I’m so sad about it.

I started this month out great, and on the 17th I made a goal to double what I had made in the first two weeks and thought for sure I would reach my goal. Not the case now.

On an upside, I have been sewing too. I’m not much of a seamstress, actually, I’m not a seamstress at all, so I will not be listing any of my sewing adventures on etsy any time soon. I’ve been making purses and bags. Let me tell you that I think my design is FANTASTIC! So creative and unique that I am afraid to even post a picture of it until I perfect it and start selling it. I will tell you that it involves vintage neckties and printed shirts from the dollar rack bought at my local Good Will. I wore my purse slung around my shoulder all week. Everyone I know just loves it. Though compliments from friends are great, sometimes they don’t hold as much value as those from complete strangers. I’m not ungrateful, but you do know what I mean. A friend may feel obligated, or they may just be being polite, or nice, or even encouraging. A stranger, however, doesn’t even know you MADE your item. They don’t know you from Eve! So when a stranger complimented my purse and I got to say, “Thank you! I made it!” and their reply was “Oh My God, I hate you! How in the world did you do that??” Yeah, guess who was on cloud nine, baby?? ME! Hehehehe, it was great!

A picture… what picture would you like to see today? How about goofy Russell wearing Sniffer’s coat. (Russell is my guy, and Sniffer aka Jennifer, is my BFF)

What a weirdo… 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Great picture! LOL

  2. Ooh I looked at the old blog and now at the new layout and this is much nicer. thank you for checking mine out too.

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