New New New!

I decided that I liked my “virtual cork board” look so much that it would become my brand. Branding is so important and I can not stress that point enough. I want you to be able to go to and type “custom banner” into the search box, and then immediately know which of the results are MY listings. That goes for any shop, that sells any thing. You want your customers to recognize you. Of course, you most definitely need to follow through with incredible service and products.

So, I changed my banner and my avatar. You can see them here

More new stuff. In addtion to offering printables, or items you print yourself, or as the section in my shop says “You Print It”, I decided to put together an etsy seller’s package. The set comes complete with all the things you may need when you are first setting up your shop or when you decide you are serious and really want to make a name for yourself.

It includes:

  • Business Card Design
  • Address Label Design
  • Etsy Banner
  • Etsy Avatar
  • A logo
  • a 125×125 pixel graphic that is perfect for MySpace, Project Wonderful, Blogs, or any other site youcan put a graphic on

Pre made designs are $20 and custom designs are $40 – that’s pretty darned inexpensive!


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