Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Our first snow this year. That’s not really a great picture. It’s actually coming down a lot harder than it seems in this photo. I’ll try to take a better photo once the sun comes up a bit more. No school today. The kids will be thrilled. Of course, when school closes so does the daycare center, so guess what? No work for me! That’s kind of bittersweet. No work = No Money! I’m a bartender and server for Ruby Tuesday in my very small town. I’m sure business will be incredibly slow so I wouldn’t have made much money today anyway. Hey! Maybe I can make up for it by selling some banners on etsy!

Poor Russell. He doesn’t wanna work today either. He wants to play in the snow. So he says. I think he wants to work on recording his new song. He should. I told him to call in and tell a little white lie about having to stay home with the kids. I don’t know if he will or not.

I’d love to take our tobaggons out once the snow stops, since we have had no snow since we bought them two years ago. However, this stuff is supposed to turn to rain by mid afternoon. Sadness. If it does turn to rain I intend on getting lots of work done on etsy, DaWanda, and Project Wonderful. Maybe update my Talent Database profile. Promote! Promote! Promote!

I just took a better picture of the snow but it will not load. Oh well. Have a great day everyone!


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