I am pretty bad at this blogging thing, eh? I don’t know what people want to read about. Or do I? Do you care that my 10 yr old missed a full week of school due to conjunctivitis – I like that word, it glorifies “pink eye” LOL. Do you care that my neck and back are KILLING me because I just spent hours last night propped up on my computer desk staring at the screen and trying to fill two custom banner orders? I really need a lap top.

My sales are doing well on etsy. As well as I expected I guess. I have not sold an animated graphic yet. Pooey on that! I think animated graphics are a great idea for promoting your etsy shop. They are time consuming to make though, so it may be a blessing in disguise.

I have recently found DaWanda. Check it out – http://en.dawanda.com/shop/armorgandesigns It is very much like etsy but the english version is still rather new. I wanted to put my foot in it and have a presence so I did. I still love etsy more. 🙂

I’ve created a myspace account for my web designs, here it is – add me please! http://www.myspace.com/ladybugsltd

What else?

I have a beautiful new baby neice, my first one ever! She’s so precious – Kaya Lynn Wood

I look “old” in that picture. Hmm…


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