For Etsy Beginners

You have your items. You’ve taken all of your pictures. You’ve written descriptions. You are ready to list. Now what?

You NEED a design for your store! That’s where I come in. I offer complete design packages that include the following:

* 1 760×100 pixel Etsy Shop Banner with your shop name and tagline
* 1 75×75 pixel Avatar with your shop initials, maximum three letters, please
* 1 468×60 pixel web banner with your shop name for websites, banner exchanges, etc
* 1 200×200 web graphic for use anywhere on the web like myspace, blogs, personal sites, comments, sig tags, etc
* 1 Business card template made for printing at set at 300 dpi for optimum printing and per all of vistaprint’s requirements. ( You could also try using yourown printing software, but I suggest vistaprint, they are awesome!)


Etsy Banners

Banner examples:

Helping to give your etsy shop a face lift.

All banners are 760×100 pixels – just the way etsy likes them!

I offer all kinds of custom made graphics, printable and otherwise.

Need something custom? I’d love to speak with you. Convo me.

Animated Etsy Graphics

Although you can not view animations on the etsy site itself you can definitely use animations on your personal website, myspace, blogger, etc. You can use an animated graphic to catch someone’s eye and direct them to your shop with just a few simple steps. I can definitely help you through that process.

Gratuity for html coding help is a very much appreciated gesture. I can help with simple html coding issues. For example, how to insert an image into a comment on myspace, how to link an image to your website or etsy shop, etc.

Here are some animation examples: Click the image to see it move.

Animations like the wiggling flower would cost around $5, because there is no customization needed.

The glittery frog however has the shop name and URL included, which would need to be changed on each of the 7 frames, therefor customized animations cost a bit more, this one, around $7 – $8.

I have purchased a license to use the graphics of a very talented artist. With this purchase I have a collection of just about any topic you are interested in, and some you aren’t, I’m sure, lol! It never hurts to ask, so just shoot me a line! I’d love to discuss your ideas with you.